Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Using my time

So, this weekend? When I have two (more, really) deadline knitting projects breathing down my neck, and a giant whack of free time to spend on working on them?

Do I spend my free time working on EITHER project?

Heh. As if.

No, I spend hours and hours futzing around trying to make friends with my spinning wheel instead, only really working on the blanket at knitting circle on Saturday night.

It worked - we're much more friendly now than we were before I worked on it on Saturday and Sunday. If I were organized, I'd have pictures to show you of the lovely bobbin and a half of red Corriedale I managed to produce (but I'm not, so you'll have to just imagine it). It's not *good* handspun, but I think it'll hold together, which is progress, for sure.

I did manage progress on both blanket and shawl as well, too. The blanket is up to about 24 inches in diameter (mostly because work was dead on Friday and so I got to knit a bunch), and I finished the first clue for the Mystery Stole on Sunday night.

So, progress. Just slow.


tristitia said...

slow and steady wins the race :)

Suzanne said...

Honey, I know exactly why you chose spinning. Since you are a seasoned knitter, knitting can suffer the slings and arrows of constant interruption. BUT learning something new and inherently tricky (my assumption here), requires a whack of time where your brain and hands belong to you and only you.