Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The power of denial

I am a knitter in some serious trouble. I've been deluding myself for a long time now, but I need to face the hard truth.

I have many many friends who are expecting babies. All of these babies are due in late June and early July.

There's E, my high school best friend; she needs something super special.

There's J & J; they've had a rought time getting and staying pregnant and I'd like to do something really nice for them as well.

There's L. She's another HS friend, one I've only recently come back in touch with. Definitely needs at least a small something to welcome the new one. Her's needs sending off early, since she's over in Britain.

There's C. She's an online-only friend, but one who I really like, and I don't need to tell y'all that online-only does not necessarily mean not-as-good-as. She's had a tough stretch of it as well, definitely needs cute handknits for cheering.

There's M. Another online friend who I've met a few times in real life.

Okay, that's five, and I know I'm forgetting at least one. I've been blithely sailing along, not worrying about it - after all, there's not due until summer! I have plenty of time! I have less than three months. Maybe even less than that, since there will be showers, and present due then instead of when the babies are born. I need to get cracking.

I was reminded today of the super cute and relatively easy baby kimone sweater - I suspect I'm going to be whipping out a few of those real soon.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Sky

Didn't post yesterday, because I was was just too beat at the end of the day.

Yesterday was a half cloudy half sunny day - still a little nip to the air, but a hint of warming in it as well. Today was definitely springlike.


Thank you for the kind comments on the daffodil socks. I've very happy with them, after wearing them for a few days.

Clapotis is finished, but not yet blocked. I've started on Ms. Widget's new socks.

This is the yarn. It's lovely - perfect for a
little girl who loves pink.

They're toe up knee socks with the foot and cuff patterned with the Oblique openwork pattern from Sensational Knitting Socks. That pattern in knee high cuffs is going to take an age, but it's coming out so cute that I don't mind it so far.

And to round this one out, some cute cat paws! I had been looking at pic people have posted of their pet's paws and when I walked out of the office, Pye was lying on the couch, obligingly showing off all of her's. I couldn't resist.


How was all ya'll's weekends?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Great day!

Yesterday was a great day.

I finished the Daffodil socks around midnight on Sunday, and so I got to wear them to work. Just wearing these socks makes me happy, they make me think of spring and flowers and warm weather.

This shows off the color more clearly. And proves that I
actually did make TWO socks, not just a singleton to fool ya'll.

This here shows of the pattern, somewhat. They're a wee bit
short, and they're on the loose side, but I actually like that.
With wide ankles most socks are a wee bit too tight, and are
just not comfortable. I do think that these will be a bit better
when I block them (if I do) because then the lace pattern won't
pull them down as much.

So, that alone was makings for a good day.

But, even better, I got to spend my evening with my favorite baby in the whole world! I'd promised my friend Carrie that I would babysit so that she and her sweetie could go out for a nice dinner. And really, how can your evening be bad when you get to spend it with these two cuties?

The only tough part of the evening was convincing Widget
it was time to go home with Daddy.

After Widget and Wiley left, Katie and I played and babbled at each other until she passed out in my arms and slept for the rest of the night while I read my book. It is so much easier to just be zen about baby stuff when it's not your own baby. When Widget was a baby, I would have tried to put her down to sleep and gotten agitated when it didn't work and it would not have been happy for anyone. Katie? I just settled into my chair with my book and enjoyed the baby snoozies. She makes me want another baby in the same way that I "want" a dog. In theory, but not in reality.

Got home too late to do much of anything but go to bed.

Now that the daffodil socks are finished, I have to get started on a new pair of sleeping socks for Ms. Widget. She's bogarted my lovely pink and white stripe Lorna's Laces that I got at Purl when I was in New York, and somehow talked me into doing another pair of freaking knee socks for her. So, that and finishing Clapotis are the foreseeable future.

Oh, and one last administrative question. I've been having trouble leaving comments on other Blogspot blogs lately - the word verification image thingie isn't loading. Has anyone been seeing that here? (assuming anyone's trying to leaving comments, of course. Heh) I've turned off verification for the time being, hoping that I won't get bothered with spam.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday Sky

Originally uploaded by siercia.

Today's Saturday Sky. A beautiful warm Saturday afternoon.

An especially nice Saturday because the rest of the family is off on the ski slopes, leaving me to a wonderful book and the cats.