Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Complain, and the universe provides?

Hopefully, that's not really today's lesson.

After my whining a whole lot on Monday about knitting frustration, my lent out needles were returned to me when I wasn't expecting them to come home for a little while longer, and I was able to dive into knitting Eris. I am totally in love. These cables are beyond complicated, but it feels like just the kind of thing I need to get my knitting interest and joie de vivre back.

Something interesting and challenging, and not just knitting around and around and around.

And Suzanne, thank you for your generous offer!!!! I'll e-mail you to see if we can arrange something.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Time flies

Man, I go away on vacation, and when I come home, it's like I've forgotten all about the blog.

Which, of course not, but life gets in the way of computer frippery all too often I find.

Finished the "gamer's wrap" for my sweetie while on vacation, but I don't have pictures of it yet. I'd started it in the spring and abandoned it when it got hot. It was awfully nice to have on those chilly New Hampshire evenings, all piled in my lap with it's warm fuzzy goodness. I made it for him after catching him using my shawls to keep warm whileplaying computer gams in the middle of the night. His computer is in the coldest corner of the house, and he stays up late into the night, after we've set the thermostat to lower the heat (good for me, since I hate sleeping in a hot room), but at least now he has a crazy warm wrap to bundle up in.

Finished the peapod sweater and hat. Pleasantly surprised by only needing three balls of the Cashsoft to finish it, depsite being dead on for gauge.

I'm plodding through some socks as my take along project, and am almost, finally finished one.

I'm currently being stymied in my plans for starting new projects. One, I can't start because I lent the needles I need to a friend, and she's not returned them yet. I don't want to buy new needles in a size I don't use that often, just to do one small part of a sweater pattern.

The other, I think is going to make me insane. Needs both DPNs and circs in teeny sizes. I generally get rather different gauge on Addi's vs. bamboo, so I need to track down and find bamboo circs in itty bitty sizes, and hope I'm on gauge so I don't have to buy 17 pairs of needles. Add in that the pattern calls for metric sizes, and the bamboo circs I've been able to find seem to not exist in one of the sizes, is making me just a wee bit crazy. TWITCH. (I know, I need to just let it go and start swatching with wht I have on hand, and figure the rest out as it comes. I know this, and still, twitchy!)