Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday Sky and a self portrait

This evening, after spending the afternoon at the baby shower for E (sadly, the blanket's not finished. When I measured it on the needles, it was a good healthy 28 inches diameter. When I started binding off, it measured only 26, which is just a little too small for my taste. I don't want the seed stitch border any wider, I don't think, so I've got to rip out the border, add another 6-8 rounds, then re-do the border) we decided to head for Wollaston Beach to get clams, which is a favorite summertime activity. Since we had the camera from the shower, I spent some time snapping some pictures.

The evening sky, Squantum Neck from Wollaston Beach

Saturday Sky 7-14

Beginnings of sunset

Saturday Sky 7-14

After clams, we drove out to end of Hough's Neck to pick up our farmshare from the friends who had done the pickup this week. As we were driving back, I saw the sun shining pink through the clouds. Wiley pulled over and I snapped another quick picture.

Sunset over Quincy Bay

Saturday Sky 7-14

The light was amazing out at the beach - the soft warm pinks of early sunset. I almost ever like pictures of myself, but we managed to snap a couple of decent self portraits, thanks to Wiley's long arms.

Self portrait
Wiley and Jenn


Snickerdoodle said...

Your pictures of the beach are so beautiful! I always seem to be at Wollaston beach during the day. Now I have reason to visit in the evening! Your self portrait came out nice too, very, very cute.

Suzanne said...

Beautiful seascapes, and darling self-portrait!

Sandy said...

Your sunset pictures are just amazing! So serene and beautiful!
As are you!

Jan in CA said...

Beautiful photos!

I have been searching for an email or some way to contact you, but couldn't find anything. I hope this reaches you. I saw your stockinette BSJ on Flikr and am wondering if you had to make any changes to the pattern. Thanks! My email is
purrcat 1 @ yahoo com
without the spaces of course.

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