Monday, June 25, 2007


There was remarkably little knitting this weekend. I was a busy busy Siercia, instead (this is going to be a theme this summer, I fear.) Deadlines be damned, there were more pressing matters to attend to:

a dance recital

a new roof (okay, this one required no effort on my part, other than writing a large check)

strawberry picking

Also included, but not pictured, clams at Tony's, knitting circle, dim sum, strawberry shortcake.

I got my yarn for the Mystery Stole along today. But now it's so hot that the thought of touching wool yarn is making me want to die, just a little bit. I should swatch though, if I really want to do this. First clue comes out this week!


Kat said...

You are busy. If variety is the spice of life, your's is definitely spicy.

Suzanne said...

Your life always seems quite rich. I know what you mean about handling wool.