Friday, June 22, 2007

Chugging chugging chugging

So, one more sweater finished, and only one sleeve, that has been fighting with me a LOT, left on the BSJ. It's a little crooked still, but I think it's cute. I'm saving up the picture taking until I can snap them all together - probably a mistake since it's taking WAY longer than I expect, but I'm lazy. After I finish the seaming, there's one more sweater (already about half done) and then I have to decide about blanket vs. the more challenging car seat bunting. I'm still on the fence.

And I'm waiting for my yarn for the Mystery Stole project. If it doesn't get here soon, I'm going o end up totally behind before it even starts. Eeeek!

In more exciting news, I reserved a spot at Yarn School for myself yesterday. Flights are running between $225 and $250 right now, so it's a nice getaway for not too much money for the fall. I'm crazy excited! Now I need to decide if I want a group room (cheaper) or a double with someone I don't know (provides space for private chill time) that'll be a little more expensive.

Tomorrow is Widget's dance recital. I volunteered to be class mom, so instead of sitting in the audience all afternoon, I get to wrangle little girls. They're a pretty good bunch of kids, so I'm hoping it'll be pretty relaxed. Watched the dress rehearsal last night - the little kids are so funny, and some of the older classes are really quite talented.

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Suzanne said...

Yarn School looks like it should be a blast!