Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yarn store dreams

But not in the good sense...

Many knitters daydream about opening a yarn store. It's natural - most of us think we'd love being surrounded by yarn and knitters all day, every day. Of course the reality of running a shop is totally different, but that doesn't deter us from dreaming about it.

Last night, though, I actually dreamed about a yarn store. Of course now I can't remember the details. I'm not sure if I owned the shop, or if I was shopping there, but it was weird. The way it worked, it was like an online store you couldn't actually see what you were buying before it came out to the shop area from the back, and there was this vibe that if you didn't like what came out, you still had to buy it anyway. The interface for "ordering" was very not-intuitive, so you couldn't even tell for sure if you'd ordered what you wanted.

I had this feeling like I'd somehow created the whole system, and it was supposed to revolutionize how people thought about buying yarn, but then even I couldn't quite figure out how to use it, and it turned out to be just awful.

The whole thing was incredibly stressful and awful, and I actually woke up all twitchy and never wanted to buy yarn again.

I'll get over that, of course, but what a weird dream.


maryse said...

yeah i'm not sure i'd want to shop there ;)

Suzanne said...

It's transition time.

Siercia said...

maryse, Yeah, neither would I. I think the main point of confusion in the dream was that moment of "This was supposed to be SO GREAT! Why does it suck so MUCH, instead?"

When even my hobbies invade my stress dreams, I know I need a chance to chill out.

Siercia said...

Suzanne, I think you are dead on in your thoughts.