Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Thanks to Rebecca and Suzanne for their compliments about the corset. It is beautiful, pattern issues notwithstanding. And yes, Suzanne, you are correct that patterns fail people all the time, in numerous dimensions. While I'm getting more and more adept at spotting pattern issues coming, and at tinkering with them to make them fit me, I wish we could see more discussion about how to adjust patterns within the patterns themselves - especially ones with tricky construction or exacting measurement standards.

Might as well wish for the moon, eh?

Finished the baby blanket today while I was covering the office for the Fourth. Started some baby booties to go with, but quickly decided that I didn't have enough of the yellow that I needed (which maybe I did, but didn't want to get almost to the end to find out I was wrong). So, pulled those out, and will start with plan B for the booties later tonight. Hopefully there's enough left for a little hat too. Perhaps I should do the hat first - that's probably a more useful accessory.

Sorry for no pictures yet, but between my camera going missing and the seekrit - gifty nature of the current project, there are no pictures as of yet.

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Suzanne said...

I like Maggie Righetti's "Sweater Design in Plain English" for ideas on pattern construction/customization. For something complex, probably it's best to treat each element separately. Anyhoo, you are welcome to borrow my copy for a while if you'd like.