Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Learning something new

The current seekrit project has edging of a type I've not knit before - a folded over hem.

(Well, the pattern gives options for a garter border with picot cast off, or for a folded picot edge, which I think is so much prettier that even though it's way more work, that was what I decided I simply had to have.)

Having never worked one of these edges before, I spent most of my evening tonight fiddling with the best method to "sew" the edge down.

I tried whipstitching, as illustrated in Wiseman's Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques. Didn't like it.

I tried a bastardized Kitchner stitch, using the picked up loops. Didn't like it, and WAY too fiddle-y for the size of this project (Kitchnering a sock toe? No problem. Kitchnering 600+ edging stitches? Not on your fricking life.)

Finally, I tried scooping up the picked-up loop and working a modified three needle bind-off with it and the live loop. I'm pretty darn pleased with the result.

Now to do the remaining 450+ stitches.

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