Friday, July 21, 2006

Meet Pye

Pye is one of our three cats. She's adorable, sweet-tempered and only sometimes really crazy.

She's also probably the cat that is closest to being a kindred spirit, because, you see...

Pye has a yarn fetish that rivals even my own.

Not to knit with, of course, since her lack of opposable thumbs would make that a bit difficult. No, she likes to make yarn nests. In the middle of our very small upstairs hallway. If there's yarn to found anywhere in the house, I'll come home to find it all piled in the hallway at the top of the stairs. She doesn't even discriminate between fibers! Her love for nasty acrylic seems as boundless as her love for my beautiful hand-dyed wools. All piled together in harmony.

I've lost any ability to leave yarn out anywhere in the house. She has an incredible yarn seeker sense, and seems to be able to find it in any hiding place. So, most of my yarn has been restrained and crated into locking plastic tubs.

She stands in front of them and cries at me.

Silly cat.


Suzanne said...

OK, Pye. I have a job for you. You know the flower-basket shawl? I'm sure you do. Please convince your human to take a picture of it. It might inspire her to post about it.

Jscothammerquist said...

Hye Pye !
What is about knitters and kitties ?
Well... not all knitters.