Friday, June 23, 2006

This is going to be a departure for me.

I've long kept a LiveJournal, but have decided that I want someplace to gather all my knitting related detritus that I didn't have to keep locked to friends-only so as to avoid boring all my non-knitting friends.

Plus, I find that LJ and the blogging world are distinct enough from one another that I'm not making the same connections with the rest of the knitting world that I could be with a "real" blog of my own.

So, the start of an experiment.

You might wonder about the title of the blog (or perhaps not, since you're all likely to be knitters too). For most of my life, I've been fairly quiet and shy, tending towards to outer edges of the circles that I'm a part of. Most often, I'm the one found in the quiet corner, working on my projects. For a long time, those were cross-stitch and embroidery, now most of the time, they're knitting instead. In a lot of my social sphere where people don't know me all that well, "that girl who knits" is how a lot of people know me. The only exception to that is when they know my daughter, and then I'm universally known as H's mom. Either way, both are fair descriptors, and seemed an obvious choice for this space.

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