Friday, June 23, 2006

Knitting for others

This has been a long dry season of very little knitting for myself.

There was the seekrit ninja project for one friend. There was the baby poncho. Then the kid's poncho for H's school auction. Then a baby blanket. Now, another baby gift (seekrit ninja project #2, for at least a few more weeks). And the other half of the baby gift. And the blanket / wrap for my darling non-sweater wearing husband. And how could I forget the accursed corset for the shop?

Meanwhile, yarn I bought for me! me! me! languishes on the shelf of my closet, feeling lonely and abandoned. Lovely Oak Grove boucle in midnight blues and purples that cries to be made into a shawl. Gorgeous red cashmere patiently waiting to be a sweater. Grey merino from Margaret's farm that has been abandoned since last summer.

Soon, my pretties. Soon the gift knitting will be finished, and we will be re-united.

Christmas? What's Christmas?

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Suzanne said...

Welcome, welcome! This should be a blast.