Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Still alive, I swear!

Not knitting much, as I've been rocking the kitchen goddess thing, and finishing off the most overdue wedding gift ever. But alive, and tonight, swatching for the Forest Path Stole, which is my uber project for the summer.

I have grand intentions for this poor little neglected blog, including a move to digs where I can actually respond properly to comments, but am not fully committed to the idea yet.

We'll see. Am also debating trying to do the post for a whole month thing, see if I can get in the habit of showing up more frequently.

I guess you'll know if I show up on your bloglines tomorrow too, eh?


Anonymous said...

I dunno - I think I need to see you in the flesh to be sure the post was not written by a bot.

Ariel said...

Yay for more blogging! I was also glad when you surfaced in my comments and wanted to say thanks for the greens suggestions. I'll definitely be making both caldo verde and many, many green omelettes! Shoot me an email if you like at arieltinks[AT]yahoo[DOT]com, and we can compare CSA notes as the summer progresses!

Jeanette said...

Good luck with Forest Path. I loved that stole, it is beautiful and the pattern changes often enough to have held my interest without changing so often that it was overwhelming.