Thursday, November 08, 2007

A trip to the Frog Pond.

Now that I've finished the Knit-a-Thon squares, I'm heading straight into Christmas knitting. I've avoided holiday knitting in the past, but this year, I am somewhat inspired. Most of my immediate family is going to get a small-medium sized knitted gift paired with a donation to an appropriate charity, as long as I can stay on task.

(I get to go to Webs this weekend to get all the rest of the yarn I need for this task. I have to get my list written up, so that I don't go insane once I get inside, since that is far, far too easy to do once one gets there, I find.)

The first project, since I have everything for it, is a Mountain Stream scarf for my Me-mere.

This is what it looked like on Wednesday morning.

Do you see what's wrong with it?

Knitterly denial was in full force, until I held it up for Wiley Wednesday night, and before I could say "How bad does this really look?", he asked "Wow, what happened to that?"

Alrighty then. There it is.

Somehow I had double yarn-overed on the border, and I'd knitted about ten more rows before I realized it. I tried just knitting the extra stitch together with it's neighbor, but the extra stitch and the sudden decrease seemed to be making the border shaping weird. I'm not exactly sure why I thought that I could drop the stitch and have it work out better, but I did. I fiddled around for a bit, trying to get the surrounding stitches to absorb the extra yarn, but there was no saving it.

Of course, I'm all cocky about lace these days, and hadn't bothered with a lifeline or three (this is EASY lace! I won't mess it up! Yeah, right!), so I had to rip it with no lifeline.

Somehow, I managed it, got all the stitches picked back up properly. I'd had to rip out about a repeat and a half of the pattern, so I worked back up to the end of the repeat (my goal for this baby is one repeat a night until it's finished. If I can stay on pace, it'll be done around Thanksgiving.)

Last night got taken up by knitting a last minute gift for one of Widget's teachers who is departing, so I'm sadly still at negative progress on the scarf.


Ariel said...

I'm sure the scarf will be beautiful when you're done. As for Webs, here's hoping a detailed list will prevent that "I WANT EVERYTHING" feeling, with the accompanying shortness of breath and thoughts that paying rent and, you know, eating are overrated. Organization is key (I'm going there in December - I have to believe that!).

Siercia said...


Have you been to Webs? There really is nothing that prevent that feeling. Only a steely will (and an iron willed shopping partner holding the credit cards) gets you through there unscathed!

Kat said...

I'm off to Webs this weekend too! It's kinda on the way to NJ. So is Morehouse Merino. ;-)

Jeanette said...

Sorry about the mistake :( At least you fixed it now, before finishing and deciding that you couldn't live with it any longer. Good luck with your holiday knitting!