Thursday, February 08, 2007

A sock in progress

Just when I thought I was done with gift knitting, more comes to the forefront. My mom has asked for socks. I suspect she was being somewhat facetious in her request, but I'm taking her seriously. Now, her birthday is the 20th, and I'd really really love to have these done for then. But I know myself, and I know about how likely that is, so I think I'll be happy enough if she gets them before the end of February.

Since a knitting blog is nigh useless without knitting pictures, here's a couple of the barely started sock. We're working the Garter rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, in Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, colorway "Cabin Fever"***. I'm enjoying the pattern, and absolutely loving the yarn. Easy to work with, gorgeous soft fabric.

In this, you can see why I'm not hopeful about the 2/20 deadline. 2 1/4 inches of cuff.


This is less useful for seeing progress, but is a fairly close representation of the color. Actually, on second thought, it's great for displaying my non-progress. Look at me, not thinking about it too hard.


And now, I should go knit on the sock instead of writing about it. Much better chance of finishing them that way.

Before I go, thanks to those who commented on my post from yesterday. It's nice to think I'm not entirely insane. It truly boggles my mind that this is even being raised as a serious question. And someday, I'll figure out a way to actually answer comments in e-mail, too.

***This yarn has a story. We were on our annual vacation with my parents, 5 of us, stuck in a teeny tiny cabin by bad weather. My mom, dad and I went out for a jaunt to go see a glass making shop near where we were staying, and there was an unexpected yarn store in the same building. I wandered through the yarn while my parents browsed the glass. I came accross this yarn... I'd been meaning to pick up some of this to try, and although it was not a usual color choice for me, once I saw the name, it absolutely had to come back with me.

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