Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Awesome, and a rant.

Well, I'm pleased to say that Linda of Grafton Fibers is as gracious and funny as her fibers are beautiful. I had such a wonderful fun and relaxing time at her studio on Saturday. It helped that I found that I really enjoyed the needlefelting. It was technically very simple - take fiber, stab with needle, repeat - but at the same time allows for such a broad range of creativity and playfulness that I was totally mesmerized.

Here's a pic of my second creation. I wanted to try out the face techniques that Linda was demonstrating, and seem to have created a wild woman.


She's going on my wall at the office, just in case my co-workers didn't already think I was weird.

The other piece I did is a neat abstract that I think looks rather celestial. Widget loved that one, so it is going to hang on her bedroom wall.

Felted Universe

And now on a slightly rantier note.

If you're reading this from my actual blog page, you might notice a new non-knitting button on the sidebar. You might even wonder what it's all about.

There's a furor brewing in mom-blogger land over the issue of women imbibing alcohol while at social gatherings with other mothers. I first read about it this motning at DotMoms. That led me to the blog of the woman who touched off the furor, which led me to Z Recommends' "Statement of Belief" on the matter.

There's a WHOLE lot that I could say on this topic, but I'm not sure I could be entirely coherent. For anyone to imply that a mother is a bad mother because she has the audacity to drink alcohol while she is with her child is beyond offensive to me.

There was a lot more to this rant, but I deleted it, because the truth is, I shouldn't even have to say it. Any woman's choice with regards to whether she drinks or not in the presence of her children is her choice to make, enough said.

I hope that sometime before I die, I can see a society where moms (and really, women in general) spend as much time working together and helping one another as they do tearing each other down and critizing the choices other women make.


Kat said...

Those are awesome! Wish I could have gone on the trip. I'm not a Mom, but don't get me started on drinking Mom's. I heard it on the news this morning, and was shocked that it made the news.

Jeanette said...

Your creations look fabulous! I am also not a mom, but I would tend to agree with you on this issue.

maryse said...

not a mom either but also watched this on the today show when it first came up. and i think it's absolutely ridiculous. these women who have a cocktail while with their children have every right to have that cocktail. they aren't advocating keg parties for god's sake.

ugh. sometimes i really hate people and they should just mind their own damned business and worry about they're own damned behavior.

Suzanne said...

Your needle felting is fantastic, but I think you already knew that I hold this opinion. I still like Linda's "head on a stick" idea, though I also understand that on the whole you would like to keep your job.

I did not hear or see the thing about Mothers for Social Drinking, and hesitated to comment for that reason. Certainly there are arguments against getting smashed around *anyone* and these apply doubly for children. I really love my daughter, but she certainly pushes me to madness, and there are times when moderating how I express myself is completely necessary. Now, loads of cocktails would not put me in the best zone for that, but indeed zero may be too few.

I suspect that I am off-point. Feel free to point me in the direction of the actual point. Oh wait, you did that with the links. As Emily Litella would have said, "Never mind!"

rebecca said...

When I saw Suzanne last Sunday, she raved about the face you made. And it's just as good as she described. Your abstract has a lot in common with the one she did, too.

As for the social drinking thing... sheesh. I first read about this several months ago when there was an article on that topic in the New York Times. It was being presented as a new thing that SAHMs were doing. Pretty sure the moms of decades past were doing this, too.