Wednesday, February 21, 2007


mom sock
Completed sock!

mom sock close-up
Close-up of the heel and gusset.

Finished mom's socks late on Monday. Of course, I've not managed to mail them yet, but I'm hoping I'll get them out tomorrow morning. I'm quite pleased with how they came out. The garter rib works nicely with the varigated yarn, and is a little more interesting than plain old 2x2 rig.

I spent the rest of Monday night (where "rest of" means I stayed up until nearly 2am) futzing with the daffodil socks. Suzanne, you were so right in your suggestion - ripping them down from the top simply did not work. I wasted a good 45 minutes or more trying, only got about halfway around the cast on edge before realizing it was hopeless. Were I smart, at that point, I would have done exactly what she suggested, threading a bit of thread through the stitches I wanted to capture, then cutting the socks where I wanted it. Instead, I cut and carefully pulled out the stitches, picking up the newly freed stitches very carefully (and slowly!) as I went.

daffodil sock
Here one of them is after surgery waiting for some love.

Last night I picked out my stitch pattern for the new tops and got about half a repeat done on both socks. No pictures of that, since there's not enough there to be photogenic yet. I'm currently debating going up a needle size after the first half repeat to make the sock tops a little looser, to accomodate my tree trunk legs.

Last, but not least, Ms. Widget wonders if Mom is ever going to finish taking pictures so that she can sit on the couch again.


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Elaine said...

Thanks for stopping by my website. SPA K & S was fun. Too fun as my bank account can attest. :)

Love your socks. Especially the daffodil ones!! Great job!!