Saturday, October 20, 2007

A little less panicked

I'm feeling a little less panicked about the Knitathon this morning. Of course, Suzanne, that does NOT mean that you aren't right - I clearly was smoking the good crack the day I committed to this.

I re-counted, and I've got 21 squares so far.

A big part of my panic was my concern that my swatch had lied, and in fact, many of the squares I'd already knit would not wash and block out to the correct 9X9 size. So, this morning, I decided to wash and block the ones I have done, so I could hopefully relax a little bit.

In fact, my swatches had not lied, not even a little, and the squares that were a scant 8X8 unwashed bloomed up and were so large, that in fact, I was smooshing a few of them into a smaller size to be the 9X9 I needed.

Knitathon squares2
Here they all are, laying out to dry.

I've figured out a way to get about another 6 blocks without too much knitting time (this requires cannibalizing a WIP that I was never ever actually going to finish. That'll leave me about 20 to do from scratch.

I think I've made peace with the thought that I might not manage 50 squares at this point. Allison, if you really don't mind adding 1 or 2 squares to the pile, I'll certainly be grateful!

Now I should go get to actual knitting, instead of talking about it, eh?


Allison said...

I've got two for you already. Maybe another tomorrow. Simple as can be, but they're 9x9. Good movie knitting!

Carrie said...

I was just thinking. I started the Manos throw but never finished it. I think the squares from that might work for your project! I'll check when I get home. It'd be nice for them to be used instead of just sitting around in my house.