Friday, October 06, 2006


I had great fun stumping my co-workers today with my current knitting project.

Too flat to be socks, too small to be clothing. They had no idea! (I'd make y'all guess, but I'm lame, and have no pictures.)

In the interest of using up some of the old stash, I'm making myself a wheelie. Now, since it's stash yarn, the colors are not really perfect for my car interior, but this is a totally fun knit. Easy enough to do in company, with juuuust enough pattern to keep it entertaining. And it's the instant gratification of a small knit, even if it's done on smallish needles with smallish yarn.

Eris continues. I've finished the collar, it seems to be the right size, I just have to sit down and power through picking up all the stitches around the edges. Perhaps that'll be the task for tomorrow evening at Circles, before we go out for dinner.

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