Saturday, August 05, 2006

Little Fluffy Clouds

Has anyone else here ever heard the Orbital song "Little Fluffy Clouds"?

"What were the skies like when u were young? They went on for ever and they when I we lived in Arizona and the skies always had little fluffy clouds and ahh.. they were long and clear and there were lots of stars, at night."

The song's been stuck in my head for days, since reading the Yarn Harlot's description of her trip to the Southwest. Mmmm, the skies are one of many many reasons I want to live out in the desert someday.

Today, our skies are nearly as perfect as New Mexico sky; full of blue so bright it hurts to look at them and fluffly clouds just to make you see how bright the blue is.


geraldine said...

What a lovely post!! I like looking at clouds, so many sizes and shapes, especially when on a plane, that gives a whole new prospective!

glad I stopped by, G

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, but the song was made by Orb, not Orbital (yes it's so easy to confuse those two :) )